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WE Enterprise Solutions

Virtual Private Network

VPNs allow secure access to corporate resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the Internet. The ubiquity of the Internet, combined with today’s VPN technologies, allows organizations to cost-effectively and securely extend the reach of their networks to anyone, anyplace, anytime.

PRI Service

The ISDN Primary Rate Access provides thirty 64kb/s user channels and one 64kb/s signaling channel. The PRI is usually connected to a PBX or a Router at customer’s premises. The customer can use the 64kb/s independently from each other for different services or bundle the channels in 64kb/s steps.

IP Transit

IP transit service is a permanent dedicated bandwidth connection, offered with variable speeds connectivity at remarkably competitive prices, circuit capacity ranges from 64Kbps to E1, E3, DS 3, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and beyond.
Unlike many dedicated Internet Access providers, TE data has multiple, redundant, high availability International gateways, supported by peering agreements with major network service providers, enabling clients to get the right mixture of high QoS, competitive prices, and professional customer service.

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19011 Pharmacies
19011 Pharmacies
Client of Company
"Digital Planets is the responsible partner for turnkey solution provided to 19011 Pharmacies to connect 300 branches allover Egypt through WE VPN connection with High availability WE dedicated internet connection at HQ secured with SOPHOS products. Also, connected with SAP Dubai through GDS connection."
Client of Company
"Digital Planets responsible for all turnkey security, backup and high availability solutions related to EAEA new project and guarantee the high-level performance of data security and availability by using the latest technology of SOPHOS, VMWARE, VEEAM and FORTINET."
Buffalo Burger
Buffalo Burger
Client of Company
"One of our existing customers with a turnkey solution to connect 36 branches allover Egypt through WE VPN connection integrated with SOPHOS 4G RED backup solution with high availability WE dedicated internet connection at HQ secured with SOPHOS high availability Firewall and all network secured by Sophos Intercept X Endpoint. Also, we managing the call center through 3CX solution integrated with WE PRI service."