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Security Solutions


Sophos provide a complete synchronized security solutions which makes it the only that deliver this type of communication between endpoint and network security products.


XG hardware appliances with fast path provide lighting fast performance.


Control center and rich on box reporting provide unprecedented visibility.


Full suite of network wireless, IPS, VPN, WEB, app control, email and web application firewall technologies.


Intercept x: stops all forms of ransomware.


Synchronized security: Manage all your Sophos products from a single cloud based console.


Protection from advanced exploits


Kasperisky endpoint security for business provides several features to best fit any business size and need


Powerful endpoint anti ware


Flexible , granular control tools


Vulnerability scanner.


KESB Core, KESB Select, KESB Advanced, KESB Total.


Deeper protection, comprehensive endpoint control and centralize administration.


Efficient mobile deployment and security for smart phones and tablets


Out of the box protection against all types of internet threats.


Rapid response to new malware attacks.

Advanced Solutions

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

External Networks
Internal Networks
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Social Engineering
Red Teaming

Brand Protection

Mobile Apps
Social Media
Malware Protection

Security Operation Centre

SOC Hybrid Solutions
Planning, Designing & Building SOC
Upgrading NOC to SOC
Implementing Security policies & procedures


Risk Assessment
Configuration Reviews
Source Code Review
PCI & ISO 27001

Information Security Awareness

ISA for End Users
ISA for Managers
ISA for IT Admin
ISA for Developers
Compliance & Governance
Communication Tools
Phishing Simulator