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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the different between ADSL and leased line?

  • ADSL service is shared service with upload: download rate 1:4 although leased line is a dedicated line with upload: download rate 1:1
  • ADSL usually provided over voice land line but leased line can be provided over local loops, Wimax and Fiber optics. So, we can provide leased line even without land line availability.
  • Leased line supported VOIP solutions and IPSec although ADSL not supported them.
  • ADSL speeds are standard with a limited quota although leased line speeds are customized with unlimited quota.

Why WE- Telecom Egypt for enterprise connectivity services?

  • WE- Telecom Egypt is the owner of infrastructure in Egypt. So, whatever the problem you may have in your infrastructure they can cover it.
  • Telecom Egypt provide a professional telecommunication engineers available 24/7 with special value added for Digital Planets customers as they providing dedicated technical account manager to guarantee high level of support response.
  • Digital planets is a platinum partner for Telecom Egypt with a very powerful connection inside this huge organization.

What we can provide through our partnership with Telecom Egypt?

• Digital Planets can provide all TE enterprise solutions like Leased line, VPN, PRI and WE corporate mobile soon.

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